About Guida’s Dairy

With a history of continuous growth, we have become one of the leading milk processors in New England.

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Siebert Dairy Incorporated

Arthur Siebert and his family founded the dairy in 1886 at the company’s present location in New Britain, Connecticut.


The Great Depression

In the midst of the Great Depression, Alexander Guida, Jr. and his brother Frank began selling milk in 1932.

Al Guida Jr. Founded Guida-Seibert Dairy

The acquisition of Seibert Dairy allowed the Guida brothers to form a main site in New Britain, Connecticut.

New London Distribution Center

Guida’s merges with Radway’s Dairy. Expanding every day, Guida’s Dairy started a distribution center in New London, Connecticut.

Missing Child Photo Milk Cartons

Guida’s Dairy became the first dairy in the state of Connecticut to begin printing photographs of missing children on milk cartons.

Special Olympics and Supercow

Community involvement is an important part of our company’s values.  In 1995, Guida’s Dairy was a major sponsor to the Special Olympics Summer World Games in New Haven, Connecticut.  Over 70,000 people attended to cheer on 7,200 athletes from 143 countries completing in 21 sports.  Every year since, Guida’s Dairy has been a sponsor of the Special Olympics Connecticut Summer and Winter games.

Top 100 Dairies in Nation

Guida’s Dairy strives to stay on top of the latest processing and packaging technologies and we pride ourselves on our quality milk and cream products.  We consistently ranked among the top 100 dairy processors in the United States.


In early 2012, we became part of Dairy Farmers of America (DFA). After operating as a successful, family-owned business for 65 years, Guida’s Dairy is now 100% farmer-owned, instilling many of the same values that we were built on. DFA, a cooperative owned by more than 12,500 family farmers across the country, provides the support for us to grow and expand into an even larger more successful regional dairy processor.

#1 Brand in Connecticut

We are excited to be Connecticut’s #1 local dairy brand.